Auditorium Bible Class Questions

Auditorium Bible Class Questions

12/31/2023 Sunday morning  Bible Class 


Brother Michael Todd; December 31, 2023

West Fayette church of Christ


1.           It will benefit everyone to read ahead of time

I Samuel 16 and I Samuel 17.


2.           Our Study:

A.          Early life including Samuel’s anointing and his first introduction to Saul.





B.         Defeat of Goliath






C.         King Saul’s Jealousy





D.        David as King





DAVID (12/31/23) pg. 2

E.         Uriah and Bathsheba

(Nathan’s rebuke of David)






3.          Read I Samuel 16:7 and Acts 13:22

(God chose David because his heart was good)




4.          David and the Scripture

We’ll look at some of the most powerful scripture about, and from, David.




Please locate a verse or scripture about David that most stands out to you that shows him to be a man of good heart…and of focus on God…





At the end of David’s life...1 Kings 2:1-4